Jenna Paulette is the New West. Rooted, but modern. Traditional, but sleek.

She has always been somewhat of a walking juxtaposition - a mix of laid-back cowboy nostalgia adopted from her time on the family ranch, and the big city glam she got growing up around the Dallas metroplex.

She’s spent much of her life drawing from both worlds, trying to define herself and her sound. The result is an ironically harmonious blend Jenna refers to as the New West. “It’s a combination of old and new, keeping tradition but being a part of the modern world,” she says. “It’s a representation of the two worlds I grew up in - a balance of the two. My mom’s side is ranching; my dad’s side is the big city sales-type. In everything I do, the way I dress, write, perform, even cook - my entire self is the New West.” 

A few years after moving to Nashville, Jenna enlisted the help of producers Brad Hill (Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne) and Lee Holland. The result of the collaboration is the sound of Jenna’s New West. “It has this traditional feel with a clean modern twist. I went into the project wanting pop tracks, mandolin for texture, but for pedal steel to play a big part. I’m a George Strait fan, and in every song I’ve ever loved of his, the pedal steel made me feel things words couldn't.” Her latest single, ILYSM, is a prime example of that. "ILYSM helped me put into words how I was feeling right before I got married. Just crazy about my husband who played basketball in college, hence the lyric "number 23 wanting your last name to be written on more than just the back.'" Jenna’s effortless, conversational vocal delivers a message that everyone can relate to.