HeirWaves: 7 Rising Country Artists You Need To Know

Jenna Paulette


From her debut single, “Coolest Girl in the World,” and her latest hit, “Ilysm,” Jenna Paulette delivers catchy country hits with a pop edge.  The Texas raised country girl lets her glam side show to create an upbeat modern country feel. The disco ball made from a horse riding saddle in her “Ilysm” music video perfectly describes Paulette’s western style with a sparkle. Her two debut singles have listeners ready to hear what’s next from Jenna Paulette.


  1.  Could you describe your sound in 3 words? Country Western Pop
  2. What does country music mean to you? It the people’s music. It the music that hovers closest to real life, but still makes you feel high sometimes. I love that it glorifies the things I admire most (hard work, love, friendship, marriage, working through hard feelings). It has always been the thing that helps me process my own life. 
  3. You released your debut single “Coolest Girl In the World” last year, and you recently followed it up with your latest single “ILYSM,” could you tell us about these songs and what they mean to you? Coolest Girl in the World is about how every mixtape I have ever gotten from a boy made me feel—like the Coolest Girl. Haha, I was always like, “Man, that song reminds him of ME?! Ok, I can be that!”  ILYSM helped me put into words how I was feeling right before I got married. Just crazy about my husband who played basketball in college, hence the lyric “number 23 wanting your last name to be written on more than just the back.” And it’s a jam that makes me want to dance. I want to always be putting out music that makes me feel like that so that other people can feel that way too.
  4. Which artists and songs would you say have been your biggest inspiration? I grew up loving George Strait and the Dixie Chicks—so everything George represents as a man is what I grew up admiring in the men in my life. He is the romance of the cowboy. The Dixie Chicks sang songs that spoke to my favorite place in the world—our ranch. Songs like “Wide Open Spaces” and the feelings it gave me because of what I experienced in real life are what made me fall in love with country music. Beyond that I am influenced by pop and its sounds. My goal is to put all that together to find a balance between my country/western real life influence and the ever evolving landscape of pop music. 
  5. What is your ultimate goal that you aspire to reach as a singer/songwriter in country music? I want to have number one singles at radio, and I want to be able to make a living touring! Then, because of all that, I’ll be able to have my own cow/calf operation at our ranch one day. 
  6. What’s next for you in 2018? Another single, eventual EP and touring ASAP!!! 
  7. We always like to end off with our favorite quote: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Become everything I know I can be as an artist and then find 3 other artists I believe in, and help them do the same.