R: Hi, Jenna! Thanks for doing this interview. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

J: Hey! Thanks for interviewing me! I’m from the Dallas area, but my family has a ranch on the Oklahoma-Texas line about an hour and fifteen north of where I grew up. Because of it I got the best of both worlds. I grew my love for country music because I grew up watching and living what the songs were about.

R: You use the term “New West” to describe yourself and your music. Can you explain what that means?

J: “New West”  is a combination of the ranching side of me and the modern world we all live in. It’s the marriage of the traditional notions of what it means to be a cowgirl with a fresh take of the way it sounds lyrically and melodically. I couldn’t be just one of the two, so I figured out how to put them together!

R: Tell us about your single “ILYSM.” What’s the story behind it?

J: “ILYSM” is the story of every emotion I was feeling before marrying my husband. I just didn’t want to spend a second without him—it’s young love and the best way I know how to describe it is in capital letters with a pedal steel guitar and a sick back-beat.

R: Are there any upcoming singles, EPs, and/or albums in your future?

J: My single “Mexico” came out June 29th. You can listen to it here on Spotify. I also have an EP coming out this fall!

R: Are there any charities close to your heart that you would like to gain awareness for?

J: Step Up Women’s Network. I love what they stand for. I love the way they equip young women who might not have the resources to become career-focused and ready for college. They are helping shape the next generation of women and I am honored to support them in every way I can.

R: What are five random facts about yourself?

J: I like to fall asleep watching/listening to PBR (professional bull riding).

I could live off bagels and cream cheese.

My favorite feeling is when I wake up early and I get that first sip of coffee.

I love it when people overcome something they didn’t know they could overcome.

I don’t get on social media on Sundays, it’s the best way to restart my brain. It clears out the garbage (praise hands!)

R: If you could travel to any time period, which would you pick and why?

J: Oh man, I love history so this is tough for me! I think I would choose right after America became a nation. I would have loved to know what it was like back then, and I would have also loved (and probably hated) traveling west and discovering the new territories. That’s fascinating to me.

R: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?J: Don’t give up on anything until you see it all the way through—you never know what is just around the corner. Keep going! Be encouraged.

 Written by Anna Tallarico

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