Twirlin' Around the Rink

The other month we were looking for the most random thing we could do for my birthday (which was February 7th!) party, a place we could dress up somewhere that plays loud, awesome music. Loren (whom you will hear a lot about - I have known her for years, we were roommates in college, we are best friends, she works for me, she is brilliant in every way… She also stars in my Instagram story and snap chats a LOT.) She suggested the roller rink, and it was love at first mention. We had a B-L-A-S-T.

We decided go full on 70s for this wonderful night. And where do you find costumes for not too much money?! Goodwill. You will hear me talk about Goodwill a lot, too. What can I say? Loren & Goodwill... They're important fixtures in my life!

How To Shop Goodwill

So we (my cute friends and myself) took ourselves on a thrifting day in East Nashville. We found more than just costumes, of course. After grabbing things for each other off of the racks, we would try stuff on and talk about all the things we could do with it… Lillian, the adorable red head and stylish friend of mine, ALWAYS finds something expensive looking...heart eyes!!!

And as much as I was looking for something for the party I was also on the hunt for something to add to my “Athleisure look” in the form of a Bomber… I’ll style the crap out of that and post some pics of it later, until then… here is what was in my dressing room. Are you sensing a theme?! I need more color in my closet!

Athleisure Bomber Jacket


I bought the belt ($2!!!) and styled it with a metallic silver vintage one shoulder I already owned and some high-waisted jeans for the party. My mom told me to channel my inner “Traci” (that’s her name) from a picture of her I love from the late 70's. So, of course, I did. She was/is hot! 

Anyway, the night of the party began with roller skating at Brentwood Skate Center, which hasn’t changed since the day it opened. It’s got that throwback feel. We skated for two hours to everything from Journey to One Direction (“Steal My Girl,” requested by yours truly - go listen to it STAT!).

Naturally, I brought my cowgirl hat out for the night.

Jenna Paulette Cowgirl Hat Style
Jenna Paulette Roller Rink Birthday Party
Jenna Paulette Roller Rink Birthday Party

Tim (my hottie husband!) is pretty much good at anything he tries, so he owned that rink. I think I caught him doing the equivalent of a triple salchow while serenading me during “Steal My Girl” LOL. ;)

Jenna Paulette Roller Rink Birthday Party

And around 9:00PM we went to a friends house, ordered pizza (my favorite food!) and talked, and laughed, and ate cake until 3AM. It was perfect. Like one of the best birthday parties ever. I feel so blessed to have the friends I do. I was having so much fun I forgot to take any pictures the rest of the night, so you’ll just have to imagine it.

Aren’t the best moments the ones we forget to document because we are so wrapped up in them?