Cowboy's Pie

I am a big fan of Shepherds Pie, y'all, but in my family we're cowboys, so what do we have on hand? Beef. I wanted to make a modified version of the classic Shepherds Pie with all of the flavors, but a little healthier take on it and with beef. I love this recipe and I make it ALL of the time. I have a lot of fun piping the sweet potatoes on the top and it's really easy to impress people with this one. My friends ask me to make it again and again. So, I do and I have and I will! Let me know what you think!





3 Tbs. Butter or Olive Oil
1 Lb Ground Beef (preferably grass fed)
1/2 Large Vidalia or sweet onion
3-4 Garlic Cloves
2 Large Carrots Grated
1/2-3/4 bag Frozen Peas (check oz!!)
1.5 Tablespoons Tomato Paste
3-5 Dashes Worsteshire Sauce
1/2 c. Red Wine (whatever you have sitting around the kitchen or a cheap cooking wine!)
1 c. Chicken Stock
2 Tbs. Flour (All-Purpose whole wheat or regular)
1 Tsp. Fresh Sage
1 Tsp. Fresh Rosemary
1/2 Tsp. Pepper (or to taste)
Garlic Salt to taste

Sweet Potato Topping:
3 Medium/Large sweet potatoes
2 Large egg yolks
1/4 c. Parmesan
1/4 c. Maple syrup
Garlic salt to taste



First, boil the sweet potatoes (they should be fork tender when they are done). Let them cool a little and then peel them under cool running water. 

Next, chop the onions + garlic and grate your carrots.

Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie


Sweat onions in butter or olive oil in a large cast iron or oven safe skillet. Mince garlic while onions are sweating (until translucent), add garlic and cook until soft

Next up, add and brown the meat.

Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie


Grate carrots while the meat is browning. Add carrots and allow to them soften (they will almost melt into the mixture).

Chop fresh sage and Rosemary

Add tomato paste, worsteshire, wine and seasonings (garlic salt, pepper, sage and rosemary).


Once it looks as if the liquid has almost disappeared add your flour.

Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie


Add chicken stock and peas, cover for 3-5 minutes until peas are soft. Peel your sweet potatoes while the peas are cooking. Keep an eye on em though—stir every so often.

Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie


Place sweet potatoes in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment (or use a hand mixer and large bowl. (you could also use a blender on the mix setting if necessary). Add yolks (make sure your potatoes are cool enough so the yolk doesn’t scramble), maple syrup,  parmesan and garlic salt. (add more if it’s not to your liking!)

Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie


Mix on medium speed until there are little to no lumps in the mixture.

Place mixture in a piping bag and cut off tip so that the hole is medium sized. Take Meat mixture off heat and pipe sweet potatoes onto the top of the meat mixture in a circular motion working from the outside in (or get creative!)

Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie
Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie
Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie

Top with more parmesan if desired!

Then cook at 400 degrees for 18 minutes - use the broiler at the end to make sure the parmesan gets nice and golden brown!!

Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie
Jenna Paulette_Cowboy Pie

And then serve with some red wine and enjoy!!

Let me know what y'all think!